I am a teacher.  I taught high school science for nearly 20 years.  I have trained
dogs in obedience, draft work, and rally.

In the early 1980's, my veterinarian, Dr. Marvin Cain, DVM, told me about Beatrice
Lydecker - a lady who could communicate with animals.  I was quite skeptical, but
he insisted that he had tested her and that she could really do it.  I read her books
What the Animals Tell Me and Stories the Animals Tell Me.  In 1986, I met Beatrice
and she talked with my dog.  Although she told me things that only my dog could
know, I was still a skeptic.  I attended her lecture and then took her seminar to
learn to communicate with animals myself.  It was at that seminar that I first
received a picture from a dog and my skepticism dissolved.

After that, I talked with any animal I could.  My students brought pets after school
and I described where they lived and the friends (people and animals) they liked
and played with.  I talked to 4H clubs where each member brought a pet I could
talk with.  I attended more of Bea's seminars to improve my skills.  

In 1996, I left the high school classroom.  I spent the next two years as a vet's
assistant at the Mt. Healthy Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Besides my normal
duties, I helped with some diagnoses by asking the pet how it felt and by
describing the sensations to the vets: locations of pain, nausea, ringing in the
ears, etc.  I asked a cat what it ate before it felt so sick and the owner confirmed
she was missing a key ring that matched what I described.

In 1998, I moved back to Moline, Illinois, and began my work as a professional
animal communicator.   I do consultations by phone.   Although most of my clients
ask me to talk with dogs, cats and horses, I have worked with a variety of creatures
in a variety of locations.  I have done  phone consultations with animals from all 50
states, most of the Provinces of Canada, Australia, South America, and several
European countries..  
A Biography    (of sorts)