Phone Consultations  

email   to request an appointment
It is with deep regret that I say I can not take any new clients and that I must limit my
clients to an "Active Client List" of people who have had consults with me in the past 3
years.  I am sorry, but my family comes first.  If you have never had a consult with me,
or it has been more than 3 years, please do your research online and find an animal
communicator who sounds like someone you can work with.

Right now I can not do consults.  I have a very long waiting list that I will work through
when I get back to work.

For my active clients:
My work is still done by phone.  Active clients set up an appointment by e-mail and
then call at the appointed time for the consultation.   I set my fee schedule by time so
that people can talk with more than one animal in the same consultation.

Fee Schedule
                                            15 minutes          $45.00 U.S.

                                           30 minutes          $65.00 U.S.

                                        Payable by Master Card or Visa.  

                         Steps to Set up a Consultation

1 - Include your name (first and last, please), city / State or Province and time zone.
(So I can do the time zone conversion.)

2 - Tell me what days (dates) are best for you and what time ranges are best
     for you on each of those days.  I have no regular schedule any more, so
    we'll work to find something that works for both of us.

3 - Send your message to   

4 - Check your email often.  If I am home, I try to reply within  24 hours.  If you miss
       the email with the appointment, or do not confirm the appointment in a
       reasonable time, I may give the time to someone else.  It may be a while
       before I have another opening.

5 - When you get my message with a day and time for the consult, please send a
     reply confirming this time.
     Unconfirmed appointments may be given to emergency calls.

6 -  Call me at the appointment time at 309-797-3489.
     If the line is busy, please give me a few minutes and try again.  Sometimes
     I get behind in my schedule.

   Before You Call ...  

I always suggest that people make a list of questions that they would like to ask their
pets.   Some folks have specific questions about behaviors and problems.  You may
also want to ask if they have any aches or pains.  I am not a veterinarian and can not
diagnose an illness, but it will often help the doctor to know how your pet feels - where
it hurts and what kind of pain it is (ache, sharp, throbbing, etc.).  Knowing that your
friend is nauseous or has an upset stomach can sometimes help your vet find a
suitable treatment.  

   When you call for your consultation...  

Have your questions ready and be prepared to jot down the answers your pet gives.  
Some folks ask another person to listen in and take notes.  I will also need your credit
card information.  I can accept only Master Card or Visa.

All I will need to know about your pet is:
their name
the animal's location  - State / Province  and  city
the species, breed, and color

                              General  Information

Appointments are set up by email.  

My number is  309-797-3489.  I live in the Central time zone.  

Appointments  must be scheduled in advance.   

I have only one phone line so my line is often busy.   
We do not have an answering machine.